How do I Manage My Account?

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Managing your account in Apptivo is completely hassle-free. This section contains up-to-date information on your plan and other services.

Steps to manage your account

  • Connect to your Apptivo account and select User Menu from the top right corner. Here, select Manage Your Account.
Home Page

  • The Manage Your Account page comes into view. Here, you can manage your Licenses, Credits, and Services.


In this section, you can view the Plan History, Payment Information, and User Directory.


Plan History

Plan History displays information related to your billing and plan details. Here, you can view the billing-related information in the Billing History tab and account-related information in the Account Management tab.

Billing History

The Billing History tab keeps an account of all the payments carried out in your account. It includes upgrades, downgrades, an increase in the license, and a reduction in the license. While you are in the same plan and you carry out your regular monthly or yearly payments, these transaction details are also recorded here.

Account Management History

The Account Management History basically keeps track of the plan upgrades and downgrades carried out in your account. It also shows the details when you shift from monthly to yearly plan or vice versa.

It also includes your license purchase details. It does not show your recurring payment for your existing plan. It only records the event when you upgrade or downgrade your account.

Payment Information

From this section, you can view your current plan, licenses, and the billing period.

Payment Information

User Directory

The User Directory shows the list of active users associated with your account.

User Directory
  • Click on “All” to view all active users or click on a particular alphabet to view the employee appropriately.
  • You can enable/disable users by clicking the toggle On/Off button.


The Credits section assist in managing your credits purchased in Apptivo.

Purchase History

  • You can buy credits from the Purchase History page of Credits. Here, you can also view your total purchased credits, used credits, and unused credits.
  • You can also view the information on credit purchase history.
Purchase History

Usage History

You can gather detailed information on where the credits were used in this section. Here, you can filter data based on period, the employee who used it, app, and service.

Usage History


You can integrate and enable the eSignature service in your Apptivo account from this section.


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