How Apptivo CRM can help us acquire customers but also keeps them?

Updated on August 1, 2017 12:36AM by Admin

You are in business because of your customers. They give your business a sense of purpose and gives an insight into the direction of your business through their invaluable feedback. You could rightly say that they act as a springboard for the new ideas and conceptualization of your products/services. Here are a few reasons how Apptivo supports you in taking care as well as improving your relationship with customers.

  • Enhance communication

Apptivo CRM makes it possible for all the privileged employees to access the customer data. This leads to uniformity of the service provided when the main contact point of the customer is unavailable at a certain point of time. So if the customer wants to get in touch with your business and his main contact with your business is not available he need not start fresh with someone who does not understand his preferences and issues.

  • Improved customer support
It goes without saying that time is precious for not only you but also for your customer. Resolving a customer problem in a shortest time duration is what makes the customer happy and satisfied. With Apptivo CRM, as soon as one of your valued customer contacts the company even with the trivial matter, the representative who is answering the call will be able to retrieve the customer data with a few mouse clicks in a jiffy.

  • Task Automation

Sending out reminders to the customers for an invoice to reminding you about the reports generated can be automated with Apptivo CRM.  The CRM system is designed to reduce the burden of the mundane and small tasks faced by marketing and sales team. This will enable them to concentrated on the creating strategies and achieving their targets while keeping the customers happy.

  • Analyzes of the data and reporting is made easier

Apptivo CRM allows for improvised analytical data and reporting.  The marketing team can use the centrally located data for creating strategies for target marketing campaigns while sales team can use the data for better understanding the unique preferences and issues of the customer territory wise.  Better reporting also allows you to use your resources judiciously and wisely. And you will be able to make effective decisions.